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25 JAN 2023

In 2022, IGCN and Bappenas - SDGs coordinator in Indonesia, collaborated to launch UN Global Compact's SDG 16 Business Framework tools to public listed companies. This year, 2023, the collaboration will continue in a form of many more partnerships in awareness raising and capacity building activities

In that regard, on January 24th, IGCN and BAPPENAS held a bilateral meeting at BAPPENAS Office, Menteng, Jakarta, to discuss a Holistic approach in strengthening governance, increasing public and private sector collaboration, and encouraging collective action to fight against corruption. This meeting was attended by :

  1. Bapak Slamet Soedarsono (Plt. Deputi Polhukhankam)
  2. Bapak Dewo Broto Joko P (Direktur Hukum dan Regulasi)
  3. Rezafaraby (Koordinator Bidang Sinergitas Kebijakan dan Regulasi)
  4. Arif (Staf Dit. Hukum dan Regulasi)
  5. Anggi (Seknas SDGs)
  6. Anna (Seknas SDGs)

While from IGCN, this meeting was attended by:

  1. Josephine S. (Executive Director of IGCN)
  2. Ani Rahardjo (Director of IGCN)
  3. Mita Listya, Project Manager - Anti Corruption Collective Action (IGCN)
  4. Aina Fadilla, Project Coordinator - Anti Corruption Collective Action (IGCN)