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The FGD  has elected to initially focus on the Agribusiness sector and later can be continued with other sectors. There are several issues that can potentially create vulnerability to corruption related to natural resources, such as inadequate accountability systems, weak supervision, and weak management control systems. Protecting  forests and lands as living spaces for all nations in the world, eradicating corruption, and restoring people's rights and dignity must all be done in a joint movement.

Considering the importance of corruption eradication in natural resources fields as it is aligned with the nation’s welfare, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) organized a series of Focus Group Discussion to discuss and identify the anti-corruption challenges and the risks with expertise from the private sector and related stakeholders, and to produce a more comprehensive approach and roadmap. 

IGCN Executive Director, Josephine Satyono remarked "Plantation and agrobusiness are carrying instrumental role in country economy, it is time for them to improve its #governance internally and externally, especially to advance #transparency." 

This FGD was also paneled by experts, stakeholders, practitioners, and leaders in #integrity and compliance to work together to create a fair and #clean business environment.

Name of the speakers: 
Opening Remarks
● Josephine Satyono, Executive Director, IGCN

Special Remarks
● Aminudin, Director of Anticorruption in Business Entity, Corruption Eradication Commission/Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK)

Resource Person
● Yazid Nurhuda, Director of Criminal Law Enforcement, Ministry of Environment and Forestry
“The Risk of Corruption in Agribusiness Sector and the Regulatory Challenges”

● R. Azis Hidayat, Head of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Division, Gabungan Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (GAPKI) “Corruption-prone Points and Risks in Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation

Dr. Dra. Prima Naomi, MT, Strategic Advisory & Lecturer of Magister
Management, Paramadina University