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The United Nations Global Compact Climate Ambition Accelerator ASEAN Track has completed the second facilitated session for Module 1 (Foundations) on SBTi & Net-Zero. This session aimed to recap and debrief the on-demand sessions learning about SBTi Introduction, SBTi and the Net Zero Standard, and SBTi and SMEs on the United Nations Global Compact Academy platform, discuss the lessons learned, common challenges, and opportunities, and Q&A with a technical expert.

The participants from 85 companies across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Bangladesh have now:
• learned about the SBTi and the SBT concept;
• been introduced to the SBTi Net Zero Standard;
• learned the SBTi approach to net-zero GHG emissions;
• understood the criteria and requirements for the Net Zero Standard;
• discussed the relationship between SMEs and the SBTi; and
• understood the steps and the methodology for setting a SBT for SMEs.