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IGCN brought together four CEOs/high-level executives from Indonesia (Y. W. Junardy, President Commissioner, PT Rajawali Corpora; Tony Wenas, CEO, PT Freeport Indonesia; Bani M. Mulia, CEO, PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk; and Andi P. Rahim, CEO, PT Global Advis Indonesia (INTERCOUNBIX)) to discuss with the graduate students from Indonesia at the Columbia University, New York, bringing the theme of sustainable business practices, with an emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). These students were professionals at various companies and institutions in Indonesia, and they had the opportunity to have a dialogue and hear first-hand insights from these CEOs, connecting their previous experiences with learnings that they can apply to their studies and aspirations for the better future of Indonesia’s sustainable development.

IGCN Executive Director Josephine Satyono opened the event with her welcoming remarks.


Facilitator: Adi Pratama, Public Private Partnership for International Development | SIPA Columbia University 2024 (ex IGCN team, currently internship at UN Global Compact, NY).