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The final Coaching Clinic of the SDG16 Business Framework series: Inspiring Transformational Governance was held on 4th of April 2023, under the theme of Integrating SDG 16 Business Framework into Business Strategy.

This event moderated by Indriana Nugraheni, Manager for Justice and Governance Pillar on SDGs Indonesia, SDG Secretariat was opened by a speech from the President of IGCN, Mr. Y.W Junardy said that “this coaching clinic session is expected to be useful as a management tool in integrating SDG 16 Business Framework and can strengthen business in micro analysis, risk and reporting typically the governance aspect. Private sectors have an important role as a catalyst for ESG. Hence in this case business can have a role to play in assisting the state in creating strong institutions, increasing just law enforcement, ensuring peaceful and inclusive social governance, and creating a transparent and accountable business ecosystem

The session continued with a presentation from Ms. Michelle Breslauer from the UN Global Compact. In her presentation focusing on expanding the ‘G’ aspect in ESG, Ms. Breslauer explained the actions, challenges, legal risks, and compliance in integrating Transformational Governance within business on a global scale. 

The next speaker, Ms. Daniele Coronacion from GRI discussed the underlying concern of why companies should pay attention to ESG and the SDGs, which is the board-level responsibility. 

The last presentation was delivered by Naga Waskita, Legal Director & Corporate Secretary, PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk who added that integrating ESG into their business strategy and operations has proven to be a successful approach. This enabled them to achieve international standardizations and meet their goals with satisfaction.

The session was wrapped with QnA and the closing statement from each speaker.