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The Ring the Bell for Gender Equality (RTBFGE) 2023 Capacity Building Series 3 titled “Where are we in the Implementation of Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)?” mainly focusing on further understanding and encouragement for companies to utilize WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool (WEPs Tool). WEPs Tool is a self assessment tool that helps companies identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve their performance on gender equality. 


The online workshop was attended by approximately  130 participants - mostly from IDX listed companies from various business sectors. It was very well received and appreciated by the audience who felt that it is important to continue to raise the bar of gender equality, among others,  by increasing awareness raising and capacity building activities for stakeholders, as well as  establishing a supporting policies and system that is embedded into the company's operation. 


In the welcoming remarks, Risa E. Rustam, Director of Finance and Human Resource of IDX shared an example of how IDX respects gender equality by improving paternity leave policy at IDX that is not directly aimed for women employees, however it offers meaningful impact for women.


In addition, Josephine Satyono,Executive Director of IGCN shared the UN Global Compact that can support companies in advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality  in Indonesia.


For the main agenda, Deladwita Suyoso Program Manager Development, IGCN shared the importance of   Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality, WEPs as UN platform that provide a series of guidance, and the opportunity to utilize WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool (WEPs Tool). Further, as a simulation, participants were guided into breakout room sessions where participants can further discuss the implementation of WEPs in their companies based on selected indicators of WEPs, that later be presented to their fellow participants in the main room. 

The workshop was concluded by some realisations from participants on the importance of several factors in advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality, among others:

  • Leadership commitment
  • A series awareness raising and capacity building activities to support stakeholders’ understanding on the issue and inspire needed action steps
  • A written policies that include monitoring and evaluation 


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