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The capacity building that was attended by around 130 participants - mostly from IDX listed companies from various business sectors, was very well received and appreciated by the audience who felt that it is important to continue to raise the bar of gender equality. One way to achieve it is awareness raising and establishing a system to be embedded into a company's operation. Risa E. Rustam (Director of Finance and Human Resource of IDX) gives one example of how IDX respects Gender Equality by improving paternity leave policy at IDX that is not directly aimed for women employees, however it offers meaningful impact for women.

Josephine Satyono (Executive Director of IGCN) also spoke about the current situation of Women Empowerment and Gender Equality in Indonesia businesses where companies have to encourage women to advance in their career. 

The participants then were given the task in a facilitated breakout room to do simulation on the eighteen questions topics of the WEPs Tool and presented back the results of their work to the main room audience. 

In closing, Deladwita Suyoso, the main speaker of the capacity building encourages businesses to make good use of The Women's Empowerment Principles Gap Analysis Tool (WEPs Tool) free of charge and this tool can help companies in identifying strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve their performance on gender equality.