Step 1

Online Application Guideline

The applying entity applies online through:

Step 2

CEO Letter of Commitment

The letter:

  • Is written on company‚Äôs letter head
  • Is addressed to UN Secretary General
  • Contains a statement that includes:
    • Commitment to implement the 10 UNGC Principles
    • Engage with UN Goals
    • Will submit annual report of "Communication on Progress" (COP) or "Communication on Engagement" (COE)
  • Is signed by the CEO
Step 3

Complete Online Application From

The online application form contains:

  1. General information about the applying entity
  2. List of:
    • General contact point
    • Financial contact point
    • CEO
Step 4

Acceptance Confirmation

  • Global Compact Office will confirm the acceptance as a new member through email.
  • The new member will receive log in access to UNGC website and get a welcome package.
Step 5

Welcome New Member

The welcome package will be delivered to the new member