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Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) is committed to transparency and accountability in promoting responsible business practices. This reporting page serves as a platform for IGCN to showcase our progress towards achieving the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption that outlining our members sustainability initiatives, challenges faced, and future goals. We encourage you to explore these reports and gain valuable insights into how Indonesian businesses are integrating sustainability into their core operations.

By engaging with these reports, stakeholders can understand the positive contributions of IGCN and member companies towards a more sustainable and equitable future for Indonesia. We believe that transparency is key to driving continuous improvement and inspiring collective action.

Annual Report

The year 2023 marked the midway point toward achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Globally, only 15% of these goals were on track, but Indonesia has made significant progress with 36% of the goals achieved or on track.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia still grapples with challenges in pursuing the SDG targets, such as climate change, food security, energy, water, and pollution, as well as increasing financing needs. 

As we approach the 2024 United Nations Summit of the Future, urgent attention is needed on how we can work together effectively to achieve these targets while preparing for a more resilient future. We believe that moving forward, with the rolling out of the Forward Faster initiatives from the UN Global Compact, IGCN can leverage this momentum to turbocharge SDGs achievements in Indonesia through transformative action within the private sector. 







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As we present our Annual Report for the year 2022, we are pleased to report that our organization, Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN), has successfully navigated through the challenges of the global pandemic and emerged stronger and more resilient.

We are proud to have remain committed to our core values of sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity throughout these uncertain times. As we look towards the future, we believe that sustainability will be a critical driver of success for businesses of all sizes and industries.

The pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for sustainable practices that ensure the well-being of our planet, people, and communities. In line with our commitment to sustainability, I would like to draw your attention to the CEO Accenture Study 2022, which provides valuable insights into the role of sustainability in business success. The study highlights the importance of integrating sustainable practices into core business strategies, showcasing how organizations that prioritize sustainability outperform their peers.

We are committed to playing our part in driving the sustainability agenda and encourage other businesses to do the same. By prioritizing sustainability, we can create value for our stakeholders, foster innovation, and drive growth while addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We believe that by working together, we can achieve a sustainable future that benefits us all. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to using our resources, expertise, and influence to drive positive change and make a lasting impact.

We thank our members and stakeholders for the ongoing collaboration, and we look forward to continuing to work together towards a better world.

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At the end of 2020, everyone had hoped that 2021 would be a year of recovery, a year of going back to “normal”. Unfortunately, this resolution has been far from reality. More than a year into the global pandemic, we all lost something: family members, friends, jobs, businesses and even a piece of ourselves.

In 2021, COVID-19 with its disruptions and challenges has put in perspective all our lives on all levels, making it abundantly clear that this crisis has massive proportions, with catastrophic effects on people’s lives and livelihoods and on the efforts to realize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our gratitude goes towards IGCN participants, partners and collaborators who responded to our call of uniting and acting in these unprecedented times, showing that there’s still hope and that together, no matter the chaLLenges and the setbacks we can redefine “normal” and create a much better version of it for the future.

This report regarding the year 2021 activities has been made by IGCN in the spirit of transparency and with the hope to inspire everyone to join in creating more ambitious actions, strengthen multi stakeholder collaboration and together act as the vehicle of making the world a better place.

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The year 2020 has come with many challenges and disruptions that affected the entire humanity in all possible ways. COVID-19 has enhanced preexisting conditions as the need of health systems and basic services for all, poverty, inequality, corruption, systemic racial and gender discrimination.

The global pandemic has also put in the spotlight the necessity of solidarity in front of adversity.

Tackling some of the toughest global challenges cannot be achieved by one company or sector alone.

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2023 Events

ACCA Regional Workhsop 2023 download link.

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Business and Human Rights Accelerator 2023 Report

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Sustainable Development Goals Innovation for Young Professional Awards 2023 Report

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