IGCN Forum 2017 “Making Global Goals Local Business” to come in 17 – 19 October 2017

IGCN Forum is aimed to provide opportunities for various stakeholders to have perspectives of UN Global Compact members across sectors on how they operate to implement responsible practices and developing innovative solutions. The topics discussed will include poverty reduction, inequality, woman, human rights, environment as well as access to clean and safe water. These will be presented in a three-days interconnected and interactive sessions. The event themed as “Making Global Goals Local Business”, the UN Global Compact’s multi-year strategy to drive business awareness and action in support of achieving the SDGs by 2030, will feature prominent speakers and experts in each field. It helps driving the stakeholders’ awareness and actions in supporting the achievement of the SDGs in Indonesia.

The IGCN Forum’s agenda is planned to be as follows:

Day-1: Leaders Forum

Focus in the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, discussion will convene business, leading experts, Governments and UN partners to solve complex and interconnected issues, explore new market opportunities and innovate around the SDGs in Indonesia. Further in this event, Global Opportunity Explorer, a platform by UN Global Compact which offers direct access to the most innovative and sustainable business solutions to address global challenges, will be introduced as well.

Day-2: Women Business Forum

This Forum will promote women empowerment and equality in business. Interesting topics that involve practitioners in business, including the application of “Women Empowerment Principles” and “Gender Gap Analysis” will be shared and discussed within global and local context. This Forum is expected to inspire various parties to support women empowerment program and create equality in workplace, marketplace, and community.

 We will witness the signing of a pledge by businesses to support women empowerment through SheTrades, an initiative of International Trade Center (ITC), the joint agency of World Trade Organization and the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva, which aims to connect one million women entrepreneurs to market by 2020.


Business and Human Rights Forum

The Forum’s prime agenda is to promote the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and update on it’s implementation in business in the global and local level.

In addition, we will have a multi-stakeholders dialogue to share the challenge and experience in the implementation of UNGPs within business. The multi-stakeholders dialogue which is entering the 5th series is part of the three-year programs “Walking the Talk: Promoting Accountable Business through advancement of UNGPs implementation in Indonesia” jointly implemented by IGCN, Oxfam in Indonesia, and International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), funded by the European Union – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EU-EIDHR).       

Business Sustainability Forum 

The Business Sustainability Forum will discuss further on the initiatives undertaken by the business sector to address challenges and capture opportunities embedded in environmental issues, globally and locally. In this forum, companies will share stories and initiatives that have been taken to address water and waste management issues. It is hoped that corporate initiatives can inspire and motivate other stakeholders to take concrete action together and advance efforts to achieve a sustainable business environment through initiatives that nurture our world.

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For further information please contact: 

Secretariat: 021-3917805

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