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Protecting oneself from Covid-19 is first and foremost a matter of being informed. UNICEF Indonesia are in close coordination with WHO and the Government of Indonesia and therefore has compiled the most essential and comprehensive information on how to protect oneself from Covid-19 on the website

There is also a WhatsApp-based chatbot service dedicated for adolescent and youth under U-reporter platform with reliable information on Covid-19, send message “Corona” to WA 0811 900 4567.

We acknowledged the overwhelming information that are flooding the social media and internet has increase challenge to screen which are valid and false. We encourage employers to download videos and graphs available at for use in internal communications with workers (intranet, alerts in apps, SMS). Digital communication is highly recommended in EAP workplaces.


What employees should do?

Employees can take some steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, following WHO Guidance for the Public.


Thank you for helping to stop the spread of the virus. If you have any specific questions, we are of course always at your service.